Life's projects...

Family | 01
Project | 01 Making human connections

Family and friends are probably the greatest projects we can manage.

Time goes so quickly!

Have you ever asked yourself who are we in fact?


I believe we are the relationships we have been able to create. We are made of the people and complicities we are surrounded by.

I have learned from everyone and I feel that human connections have made me a better person. This is why I am always involved in several voluntary activities:

  • Time Bank in Sant Cugat (teaching social networks and IMovie).

  • Volunteers for the language (‘language partner’ and ‘conversation teacher’ for groups).

  • Unemployed people’s association (teaching for CV preparation and interview training).

  • Assembly of volunteers for Syrian refugees in Sant Cugat (social networks and institutional relationships).

Travel | 02
Project | 02 Open your mind

I always say that travelling is one of my favorite experiences.

...we are investing in us everytime we travel around.

And what wonderful pictures! have a look on the left.

USA, Mexico, Argentina, Chile, Thailand, Vietnam, Tanzania, Portugal, France, Italy, Germany, Holland, UK, Morocco, Turkey, Czech Rep., Belgium, Egypt...

Travelling improves my understanding of other cultures making me more tolerant. It motivates me for knowing new people and different ways of life.


Travelling teaches me not only about the world but also about my own as well.

Health | 03
Project | 03 Body and soul

I am multi-sports player, not only for fun but for its health benefits also. It permits me to be in contact with nature, friends and fresh air: mountain bike, trekking, skiing, swimming...

Besides, as we are not only a body, I started practicing Mindfulness one year ago: mindfulness helps our mind to stay in good shape. By practicing mindfulness we are training our attention, using our minds in a better way. We learn to focus more, 'being here, now'.

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